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    Information for refugees and helpers

The war in the Ukraine affects us deeply. Our thoughts are with all the people who have to fear for life and limb and the right to freedom and self-determination these days. Our hopes lie in a speedy silence of arms. The solidarity and willingness to help is great at the VGH and its employees. With pragmatic action, we want to contribute to overcoming the immense challenges and support helpers and refugees.


With the following offers we can provide unbureaucratic help.

personal liability insurance
  • Personal liability insurance coverage for refugees in communal shelters
    The VGH offers collective agreements for municipalities and parishes. Refugees who are accommodated in accommodation by the respective municipality or parish receive personal liability insurance protection in an uncomplicated manner as long as they are legally resident in the Federal Republic of Germany and live in the accommodation.
    Personal liability insurance protection for refugees accommodated in private households
    Persons in need of protection who are admitted or accommodated in a private household are also insured under private liability insurance. This regulation also applies
    • for single contracts,
    • in constellations in which our customer is the owner of a two-family house, in which one lives in one half and the other half is inhabited by people in need of protection.
    • if our customer is the owner of an apartment building and one or more residential units which are occupied by persons in need of protection.
    This regulation also includes damage to the property of the respective host up to EUR 10,000.
    In addition, damage caused by dogs which are brought along by those in need of protection are automatically also insured under our customer's private liability insurance. A separate dog owner liability insurance does not have to be taken out separately.
    Personal liability insurance coverage for volunteers
    Voluntary helpers are also secured by a framework income between the VGH and the state of Lower Saxony.
motor vehicle insurance
  • Motor vehicle insurance coverage for Ukrainian refugees in Germany
    Due to the ongoing war in Ukraine, more and more refugees will come to Germany with their cars.
    The German motor insurers had therefore set up a "rescue package". Damage caused by the car of a Ukrainian owner in Germany up to May 31, 2022 will be processed via the German Green Card Office. Traffic victims as well as the owners and drivers of the Ukrainian vehicle were protected within the scope of the applicable minimum coverage amounts.
    From June 1st, 2022, Ukrainian vehicles will require motor vehicle liability insurance.
    You have two options for proving insurance coverage:
    • Are you still in contact with your Ukrainian insurer? Then request your green card.
    • If you can no longer reach your Ukrainian insurer, take out border insurance from June 1st, 2022. Further information can be found here www.vgh.de/grenzversicherung
    Car insurance coverage in the Ukraine
    For helping Germans, who drive to the Ukraine in their own vehicle, insurance cover is generally provided within the framework of motor vehicle insurance. In particular, damage caused by these vehicles to third parties is covered by our motor liability insurance.
    However, there is no insurance cover in the assistance letter, motor accident and comprehensive insurance if the vehicles are damaged, destroyed or stolen as a result of a war event, e.g. as a result of confiscation. In addition, it is fundamentally conceivable that in the event of an accident in which the damaging party is a vehicle insured in Ukraine, a war exclusion clause that exists there applies and the Ukrainian insurer does not pay.
property insurance
  • In the property insurance, the following simplifying support measures will initially be taken by the end of 2023:
    Refugees in private accommodation - household insurance
    If refugees are taken in in the owner-occupied apartments of the policyholder, the foreign property of the refugees is considered to be included in the insurance in accordance with the conditions. The underinsurance is not taken into account up to an amount of EUR 5,000. If the apartments are rented furnished, third-party property is excluded under the terms and conditions. Here the VGH waives this exclusion up to an amount of EUR 5,000.
    Refugees in private accommodation - homeowners insurance
    Private individuals are currently providing available living space in the form of individual apartments or single-family houses for short-term use by refugees. Within the framework of the existing houseowners insurance, the VGH grants unlimited insurance protection to the previously agreed extent (the maximum use is limited to 12 people per residential unit due to the NBauO for residential buildings).
    For private residential buildings which are rented by municipalities via a (usually) long-term rental contract, the VGH also offers the usual insurance cover in accordance with the tariff. The already established practice continues to apply here.
    Conversion of objects - municipal and other housing
    The municipalities are currently faced with the challenge of housing and caring for more and more refugees at short notice. Within the framework of the existing building insurance for short-term changes in use, the VGH grants unlimited insurance protection to the previously agreed extent at the previous contributions and conditions.
    Furthermore, the VGH also continues to offer insurance cover for permanently used collective accommodation as part of the building insurance.
accident insurance
  • Existing insurance cover for emergency services as part of accident insurance. According to the general insurance conditions for accident insurance, there is no insurance cover for accidents that are directly or indirectly caused by war or civil war events. However, if the insured event occurs as a result of random events that are not connected to the war or civil war, the accident insurance company is obliged to pay benefits. It is therefore decisive for the insurance cover whether the accident is causally related to the war or civil war events.
    Examples of no insurance coverage:
    • As part of a relief operation, a person travels to a country already at war and steps on a land mine, losing a leg.
    • As part of a relief operation, the vehicle is hit by a bomb in the war zone.
    Examples of insurance coverage:
    • During a relief operation, the person falls from a ladder while setting up camp.
    • As part of a relief operation, the car has an accident (before the national border of the war zone or also in the war zone) because the driver fell asleep while driving.
legal protection insurance
  • Information about insurance coverage
    For customers with private legal protection insurance, there is always insurance protection within the framework of voluntary work.
    Housing that is made available to refugees free of charge can be secured through housing and property legal protection. Please contact your sales partner for this.
    Ukrainian refugees who are temporarily accommodated in the policyholder's own household (maximum 12 months) and who are part of the family (e.g. unaccompanied children) are also insured free of charge.
    There is also the option of including another family member as a permanent co-insured person if they live in the policyholder's household, are registered there and is not engaged in gainful employment.
    It is necessary for the name to be mentioned in the insurance certificate. If necessary, please contact your sales partner.
    There is no insurance protection for the representation of interests with regard to foreigner, asylum or residence law.
Health care
  • Ukrainians seeking protection in Germany receive high-quality medical care throughout the country
    Initially, refugees were entitled to health care under the Asylum-Seekers' Benefits Act (AsylbLG). This was changed after a short period so that people from Ukraine in need of help are currently qualified for benefits under the Second or Twelfth Book of the Social Code (SGB II or SGB XII). This gives them access to statutory health insurance (GKV).
    People who have fled Ukraine but are not entitled to assistance under SGB II or SGB XII are granted the right to voluntarily join the statutory health insurance scheme.
life insurance
  • For products with death insurance coverage and in the income protection products, there are restrictions on the insurance cover in the event of war events. The insurance cover is excluded in particular in the case of active participation in combat operations and is also limited when using ABC weapons. If the insured person does not take an active part in the war events, there is basic insurance cover.
    Examples of no insurance coverage:
    • The insured person travels to a country that is already at war in order to take part in the fighting there. During an exchange of fire, the insured person is fatally injured by a bullet.
    • The insured person travels to a country that is already at war in order to take part in the fighting there. The military vehicle hits a land mine and the insured person loses his leg.
    Examples of insurance coverage:
    • The insured person dies as a result of grenade impacts during a relief operation in a hospital.
    • During the delivery of relief goods, the insured person suffers polytrauma as a result of an accident and is therefore unable to work.

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